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Turkish citizenship by marriage

Turkish citizenship by marriage

Among the methods mentioned for obtaining Turkish citizenship is applying for Turkish citizenship by marrying a Turkish citizen, as the amendments that took place in September 2018 to the Turkish Citizenship Law confirmed this, but marriage to Turks does not give the right to obtain Turkish citizenship directly except in Under certain conditions stipulated by Turkish law, which must be met to obtain Turkish citizenship.

Among the conditions necessary to obtain Turkish citizenship by marrying Turkey:

That a period of 3 years must have passed since marriage to a Turkish citizen for the submitted Turkish citizenship application to be considered,

Several conditions stipulated in the first clause of Article 16 of the Turkish Citizenship Law have been verified as follows:

1- That the marriage is based on family formation and not for a personal interest.

2 - Not to perform any act or behavior indicating that marriage is based on sound foundations

Such as family disputes, which are things that Turkish intelligence can verify by asking the neighbors surrounding the family.

3- That the Turkish citizenship applicant does not pose a threat to Turkish national security.

These were the most important conditions that must be met by the applicant for Turkish citizenship through marriage.

One of the most important points that must be addressed is the possibility of revoking citizenship in the event that a Turkish husband or wife dies before obtaining Turkish citizenship, the fact that the application for Turkish citizenship is not canceled, and the second paragraph of Article 16 of the Turkish Citizenship Law states the following:

Not looking at the first condition of the conditions for granting Turkish citizenship, which is the condition of forming a captive entity, and contenting itself with fulfilling the other conditions and granting citizenship accordingly.

Regarding the issue of divorce in this case, if it occurred after obtaining Turkish citizenship, then the holder of Turkish citizenship by marrying a Turkish citizen remains of his nationality unless it is proven that there is no good faith. Meaning that the marriage took place only to obtain Turkish citizenship,

This is confirmed by the work of the Turkish intelligence, which is studying the matter carefully.

With regard to marriage procedures, they are as follows:

When wanting to perform a marriage contract in Turkish territory, whether the two parties are of the same or different nationalities, there are two ways to complete the marriage procedures in Turkey for foreigners:

Either through marriage in the Turkish municipality.

Or through marriage at the embassy of your country in Turkey.

In this article, we will discuss the procedures for getting married in your country's embassy in Turkey, so that it is considered the easiest and fastest way to get married in Turkey.

Marriage at the embassy of your country in Turkey is distinguished by the fact that it is not required to present the spouses' residency papers,

Rather, it is only required that a set of papers be available for the husband and wife as follows:

Documents required for both husband and wife in case they want to marry in Turkey:

A valid passport for the husband and wife.

6 personal photos of each of the husband and wife.

A document proving the marital status of both husband and wife:

Also called "Individual Civil Registry",

It is the most important piece of paper among the required documents, and you will need to extract it from the Civil Status Authority in your country,

Marital Status Document (Individual Civil Registry) to verify marital status so that she is celibate,

Because Turkish law prohibits polygamy, not like other Arab countries.

Medical examination for husband and wife:

The medical examination of the spouses must be carried out in one of the government medical centers

Sağlık Bakanlığı

This indicates that the centers are affiliated with the Ministry of Health,

evlilik muayenesind

And it is the so-called medical examination for the purpose of marriage

Document approval of the marriage contract from the guardian or guardian:

This document is required if the spouses or one of them is between 16-18 years old,

Whereas, Turkish law prohibits the completion of marriage procedures without the presence of one of the parents

And the presence of a consent document from the parent or guardian.

Residence document:

Whether it is a house contract or title deed and in the absence of a residence permit in Turkey,

In addition to a document of residence and residence, even if it is a hotel, there must be a document proving residence in a place,

Provided that the document clarifies the date of residence, period of residence, and address.

After these previous papers are available, you must contact your country's embassy in Ankara or the consulate of your country in Istanbul to determine the date of the marriage contract.

The fees for the marriage ceremony in your country's embassy in Turkey are about 400 Turkish liras.

On the date set for the marriage contract, you will need to bring two witnesses to testify to the marriage contract.

After completing the marriage procedures in Turkey, you will receive a temporary marriage certificate.

And you will be able to extract the final marriage document (electronic document) several months after the marriage contract.,

In this article we tried to mention, the most important information that must be known before the marriage to a Turkish citizen with the conditions for applying for Turkish citizenship through marriage.

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